We pride ourselves on using the best fabrics to make all of our quality garments. This starts with the use of the finest raw cotton. As a company committed to the respect for human rights, we only use ethically produced yarn to manufacture our garments. We do not use Uzbekistan cotton. We also require that all our suppliers and business partners refrain from purchasing cotton directly from Uzbekistan or knowingly source yarn or textiles from suppliers that source cotton from Uzbekistan, when manufacturing any of our sourced products. The majority of our raw cotton is from the USA.

Using the best quality raw materials, our manufacturing techniques also ensure that our fabrics meet market requirements. For example, our 100% cotton T-shirts are manufactured with a fine knit gauge for unbeatable printing performance and a revolutionary knitting technique means all of our Sweats are manufactured with 100% cotton face, keeping the polyester at the back of the Sweat fabric and the cotton at the front. This technique gives each Sweat greater durability and unbeatable pilling performance.