Belcoro® Yarn


Any T-shirt is only as good as its yarn. That’s why we only use the best – Belcoro®. This revolutionary yarn means you no longer have to compromise between a fabric’s softness and its printability.

Belcoro® is a proprietary trademark of Oerlikon Schlafhorst, manufacturers of Autocoro automatic spinning machines. This state-of-the-art equipment is used throughout our Moroccan manufacturing plant to produce yarn for our T-shirts and sweats.

Each garment’s fabric type and yarn is tested to Belcoro® quality standards including yarn tensile strength, elongation and IPI value, plus fabric wash fastness and crocking fastness.


The high quality of our Belcoro® fabrics is mainly attributed to the spinbox on the Autocoro spinning machines. The spinbox is manufactured using surgical steel, which ensures cotton fibres suffer no damage during the spinning process. This means yarns are far softer and stay softer for longer. They are more even, have fewer imperfections and less loose fibres standing out from the surface.

The result is a cleaner, more stable printing area, improved durability, better washing performance and less pilling. That means great garments for the wearer, improved productivity for printers and garment decorators.

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As industry pioneers, we’re proud to say that we’re the only imprint brand that uses Belcoro®.