Ethics and Environment


It is important to us that we add real value to the environment, and to this aim, our Moroccan plant has been specifically designed to be highly energy efficient. All the service pipes are underground, saving us ceiling height and therefore reducing air conditioning.

Water is a precious resource in Morocco, so it was important that we invest in facilities and processes that improve the water supply for the local community. The innovative water treatment plant cleanses the water that we use in the manufacturing process so when it re-enters the local supply, it’s never been cleaner. Up to 65% of the water used in the dyeing process is recycled. The dye-house itself has a heat exchange system that keeps water at a constant temperature and vastly reduces the amount of energy needed to heat it.

Our commitment to open-end yarn manufacture also means that we use 30% less energy and produce 23% less wastage – vital when you consider that we have produced just under one billion garments in Morocco. This also reduces the burden on landfill by reducing bale wraps and packaging.


Achieving the highest standards is at the forefront of everything we do at Fruit of the Loom.

Our manufacturing plant is a great example of how we care for our employees and ensure that they are all treated within local employment legislation. In fact, we exceed the basic employment rights, as all our staff are paid above minimum wage and working hours don’t exceed the maximum allowed. They are also given free dental and health care, and we respect religious beliefs and acknowledge religious festivals.

Our Code of Conduct applies not only to Fruit of the Loom, but also to our suppliers, distributors and business partners. We ensure that independent audits of all production facilities and third party suppliers are in compliance of our Code of Conduct.